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From the beginning, Wool Advocates has been at the epicentre of the natural textile revolution. 

We're a consulting firm with expertise in Canadian sheep’s wool and other natural fibres. We're creative thinkers and astute strategists working with business, government, and organizations in the emerging agri-textile sector.

We advocate for farmers, and for fair-trade market opportunities. We accompany innovators and global supply chain managers as they evolve to include Canadian-grown natural fibres. We offer research and advisory services to entrepreneurs, innovators and public sector stakeholders. 

We take a progressive and pragmatic approach to revitalizing the farm-grown textile market in a way that's profitable and fair for everyone, including the environment.

Wool Advocates was founded by Jane Underhill and has grown to include a roster of global advisors and associates.  

With the climate crisis at our heels, and demand for farm-grown, natural fibres growing quickly, Wool Advocates evolved from a small think-tank of farmers and researchers to a registered consultancy with industry recognized expertise.

Today, the firm collaborates with leaders in 12 countries and works directly with associates from across Canada to ensure that each project benefits from proven research, tailored to local conditions and markets. 

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Jane's agriculture experience is rooted in Atlantic Canada, but she has called Montreal her home for almost 25 years. Prior to founding Wool Advocates, she was a business owner for 15 years. She's presided over multiple non-profit boards in agriculture, health, fitness, sports, education and arts. She's mentored more than150 business owners in all aspects of the business lifecycle. In 2020, she founded a municipal political party leading into the 2021 Montreal municipal elections and she remains active in her community promoting ethical governance, healthy living and urban agriculture. She's a sought after presenter, moderator and panelist. 

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