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& Development

Wool Advocates applies a meticulous set of processes to unexpected and innovative concepts, for inspired business solutions. Keeping focus on the values and goals of those they serve, approach includes: 

  • Cross-pollination

  • Thorough research

  • Avoidance of rigidity and copycatting

  • Stress-testing with industry insiders

  • Investing in your success like a partner

Accompaniment and continued support through the implementation process and beyond.

& Performance Optimization

A blend of consulting and non-consulting services to streamline your organization and innovate for future performance. We offer pragmatic solutions, realistic outcomes, and careful attention to resource management, including time, money and materials. 

  • Analysis of your existing organization and processes

  • Detailed delivery of findings including presentation of results to stakeholders

  • Recommendations for improvements based on your goals

  • Research and implementation of new methods and technologies 

  • Business-crisis and change-management services

  • Employee incentivization programs

You've heard the expression, "work better not harder". That's the foundation of Operations & Performance Optimization. Our work emphasizes efficiency, as much for the health of the organization's bottom line, as for the health of those driving the business. 

& Accreditation

An industry accreditation attests that your organization does quality work and is bound by a transparent set of standards. It shows you have sound financial, administrative, operational, and oversight practices. Additionally, third-party accreditation:

  • Inspires trusts in your business

  • Fosters better brand recognition

  • Improves trade and business opportunities

  • Guides decision making

There are many valuable accreditation programs for businesses operating on the agri-textile value chain. From traceability and good governance models at the farm level, through to environmental-impact standards in manufacturing and distribution, we’d be happy to help your organization distinguish itself through recognized accreditation.

& Special Services

Our Advisory and Special Services associates offer expert support for a wide range of business and non-profit activities, including:

  • Corporate advisory

  • Accounting & bookkeeping

  • Legal

  • Human Resources

  • Media and Communications

  • Information Technology

  • Implementation of governing boards and committees

  • Teaching, curricula, talks and presentations

  • Panel experts

Our advisory and referral services will connect you with key people in the language of your choice. 

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