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Unveiling The Carpet Plan 2022 - 2025 : A Second Town Hall is Announced

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022 from 2pm to 3pm EST, join Jane Underhill, President of Wool Advocates and Matthew Rowe, CEO of The Campaign for Wool in Canada as they unveil The Carpet Plan 2022 - 2025 and hear questions and feedback from wool industry stakeholders, representatives from the manufacturing sector, and members of the public.

Environmental awareness has led consumers to be more particular about where they shop and what they buy, creating new opportunities for natural, sustainable and durable products. Developing Canada’s wool industry will provide consumers at home and in international markets with a greater variety of sustainably produced products.

The Carpet Plan 2022-2026 was made possible by The Campaign for Wool in Canada and The Canadian Wool Council, and was authored by Jane Underhill. It maps opportunities for new and existing products in Canada’s carpet sector, which is valued at more than $367 million.

The report identifies a 100% Canadian manufacturing pathway as well as opportunities to grow Canada’s wool industry throughout North America and in international markets such as Europe, Australia and Asia.

This is the second of a two-part Town Hall series aimed at offering members of The Canadian Wool Industry more information and transparency on the work of The Campaign for Wool in Canada and The Wool Council.

Town Hall attendance is free of charge and open to anyone who cares about Canadian sheep and Canadian wool. Registration is required. Registration is managed through Ticket Tailor. Sign up using the link below.

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