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The Wool Plan 2021-2026

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

May 31, 2021 - In 2020, Wool Advocates founder, Jane Underhill, began collaborating with the Campaign for Wool in Canada to produce the first strategic plan addressing the challenges and needs of the Canadian wool industry.

The reimagined, revitalized Canadian wool industry rests on creating the right size and configuration of infrastructure and brokerage systems for our existing wool clip, for wool producers, innovators, and intermediaries see an immediate benefit.

As Wool Advocates, we're encouraged to see wool innovation in the semi-industrial and interiors markets, along with new trends in sustainable fashion, blending wool with other animal and plant fibres for versatile clothing textiles.

We're equally optimistic about wool producers and manufacturers exploring the use of genetic mapping, traceability, technology, AI, and robotics to improve wool quality, accessibility and value.

The Plan in Summary

Three objectives

  1. Rebrand and revalue Canadian wool

  2. Advocate for Canadian farmers and our domestic wool clip

  3. Promote Canadian wool to the global community

Five areas of concentration

  1. Education

  2. Outreach

  3. Brokerage

  4. Infrastructure

  5. Product development

Click below to see the full plan and to understand our ten strategic tactics for the reimagined wool industry.

Cover page to The Wool Plan 2021-2026
The reimagined Canadian wool industry

The Wool Plan
Download PDF • 4.10MB

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