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The Carpet Plan

On behalf of The Canadian Wool Council, Wool Advocates is pleased to share The Carpet Plan; a five-year strategy for producing 100% pure Canadian wool rugs.

The Carpet Plan is an initiative of The Campaign for Wool in Canada and The Canadian Wool Council. Funding is generously provided by The Government of Canada, Agricultural Partnerships Canada, The Dalglish Foundation, The Campaign for Wool, Sykes and Ainley and Ontario Sheep Farmers. The plan's architect is Jane Underhill, President of Wool Advocates, with critical input from Matthew J. Rowe, CEO of The Campaign for Wool in Canada, Rick Blickstead, President of Phoenix 360 Inc., as well as numerous supply chain experts and advisors across Canada, US, UK and Uruguay. Graphic design provided by Dan Pinese. Contributors and advisors are graciously acknowledged by name and organization throughout the plan.

Click the cover image to read The Canadian Wool Council's vision for Canadian wool rugs.

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