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Wool Advocates Signs the Dumfries House Declaration











"On September 9th 2016, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales as Patron of the Campaign for Wool in association with M&S, hosted the historic Dumfries House Wool Conference in Scotland.

The conference brought together 250 leading members of the wool industry supply chain, from farm to store, to discuss the current challenges facing wool and how its further use can benefit the planet as a whole.

In his address to the conference, The Prince of Wales officially endorsed the Dumfries House Declaration.This is a ten-point declaration of intent to support an environmentally responsible, sustainable, and commercially viable wool industry.

The document, created in conjunction with the Campaign for Wool and the International Wool Textile Organization, seeks to become the recognized standard of best-practice in the wool industry. By pledging your support for this declaration, you are committing your company to abide by the ten principles of best practice set out in the appended document, signed by Nicholas Coleridge, Chairman of the Campaign for Wool, and Peter Ackroyd, President of the International Wool Textile Organization."

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