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We're a consulting firm with expertise in Canadian sheep’s wool and other natural fibres. We work with business, government, and organizations in the emerging agri-textile sector. We help create fair-trade market opportunities for farmers, while accompanying innovators and supply chain managers as they evolve to include Canadian-grown textiles. Our approach remains progressive and pragmatic, with the right solutions for steady growth and positive impact.

How we can help


We help clients define goals, allocate resources, and manage uncertainty with practical solutions.


We help clients navigate manufacturing and supply chains to get products to market. 


We help clients expand and diversify existing revenue streams while pursuing new business opportunities. 



We help clients identify inefficiencies, control spending, improve performance, and
innovate for the future.


We advocate for Canadian fibre farmers on domestic and international issues.


We provide industry insight and guidance for a deeper understanding of Canadian wool and natural fibre.


Featured Article

July 27, 2022 - Canada confirms its support of "Make the Label Count"; a campaign for Wool and the Canadian Wool Council announce their final Town Hall before summer break.     "The Wool Plan for the Artisan" offers a reading on the socio-economic benefits of The Wool Plan for the artisanal woolcraft sector. April 12, 2022 (2PM - 3PM EST) by Zoom. Sign up here for this free event. 



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